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Specialized Consulting and Talent Search

Finding the talent you need to get the job done

The primary differentiator in today's marketplace are the "talent" which an organization can obtain and retain. "Talent" is the key asset that drives top-line growth and bottom-line results.

Thus our business revolves around this key factor; people and talent. Our focus is to bring talent to the table with innovative sourcing, and solutions-based strategies. Thanks to our team’s long-standing position as one of the leading professionals in the talent-acquisition industry, we have an unmatched knowledge base. We use this knowledge to create services that span the full lifecycle of talent services, assessment and selection and placement.

Qualified candidates are proactively attracted and acquired through a variety of methods and channels that have been tested and proven to attract the right talent. Our multi-level program is budgeted and planned as an ongoing activity to ensure a consistent supply of qualified candidates.

Our Focus Method

Targeted Testing & Assessment
Ensuring the best match possible

The core and strength of Empower Talent Consulting’s consulting and talent solutions lie in our ability to provide high quality candidates through a proven intake process and expert consultants’ matching skills and assessments. Empower Talent Consulting can implement the process efficiently and quickly, providing a consistent means for selecting candidates.


With our proven intake process, we can access a wide pool of talent, process the critical data about them, and screen out unsuitable candidates right from the start. Prescreening is customized to each assignment and includes questions that verify an applicant’s work eligibility, previous experience, shift flexibility, and much more.


If required, we offer a rich variety of validated, off-the-shelf assessments and sophisticated decision-making saving you costs, time, and resources.

Structured Interview

Empower Talent Consulting follows a structured one-on-one interviewing process that profiles an applicant's work experiences, interests and preferences to an extent that is much deeper than industry standards. Empower Talent Consulting’s interview draws out the maximum amount of work-related information from all potential candidates. The standard format ensures that each candidate is evaluated in the same fair and equal manner, that only appropriate questions are asked, and that only work-relevant information is recorded.

Behavioral Interviewing Services

In today’s competitive and challenging recruitment and talent market, it is now more important than ever to thoroughly qualify candidates. Custom-built behavioral interview guides help you identify critical competencies and prioritize the valuable soft skills you require.

Additional Assessments

If required, Empower Talent Consulting offers a variety of supplemental assessment programs to further customize the assessment process to our clients’ unique positions.